BREAKING: CryptoArt platform BCA completed $2 million angel round of financing, dedicated to the promotion of the decentralized NFT digital collectibles marketplace

BCA (BlockCreateArt) and its decentralized NFT trading platform BCAEX raised $2 million in angel round of funding, led by Fenbushi Capital and Zonff Partners, followed by Waterdrip Capital, and a number of angel investors.

BCA (BlockCreateArt) is the world’s first decentralized art-tech platform that integrates the creation, trading, collection, and culture & education outputs of crypto art. BCA aims to create a crypto ecosystem in which everyone is empowered to participate. The crypto ecosystem that BCA intends to build includes the primary business segment, BCAEX (Asia’s leading art decentralized NFT trading platform), coupled with other business subsidiaries: BCA Studio (crypto art studio) and BCA Gallery (digital curation), BCA Display (screen display) etc. As an industry benchmark in the field of NFT, BCA brings together cross-industry expertise to maximize the potential of blockchain technology in the art world and collectively reimagine the future of crypto art. Since its launch in October 2020, BCAEX has covered 16 countries and regions, has gathered 225 artists, and the platform serves 50,000 global users. The main objective is to provide multichains, multiple payment methods, a diversity of artworks, and iterative upgrades of websites and mobile terminals.

Bohan Sun, the founder of BCA, said: “The successful completion of the seed round proves that the investor’s support and recognization of what we do at BCA. As an entrepreneur and creator who has been deeply involved in the field of NFT art for many years, my team and I will try our best to create a complete, efficient and standardized cryptoArt NFT closed-loop ecosystem, help the art industry by improving the infrastructure building of the NFT, expand the influence of the blockchain across sectors, and make BCAEX stand out in the world’s leading decentralized NFT Trading platform.”


Fenbushi Capital is the first and most active blockchain-focused venture capital firm in Asia. Founded in Shanghai in 2015 by veterans across both blockchain and traditional financial industries, it has to date supported over 60 leading projects across 4 continents leveraging blockchain technology to reshape myriad industries such as finance, healthcare, supply chain, and consumer goods. Fenbushi’s mission is to drive healthy and sustainable growth in the global blockchain ecosystem and actively works as a long-term strategic partner to its portfolio projects.


Zonff Partners is a fund focused on venture investments, quantitative hedging and mining& computing investments in the cryptocurrency industry. Zonff Partners has over $200 million under management and has invested in over 60 projects. And we have rich industrial resources both in China and overseas, and actively participate in various excellent developer communities and autonomous organizations, aiming to promote the stable development of the industry together with entrepreneurs. We currently focus on Web3 infrastructure, open finance, NFT, applications in entity industry and trading ecology track.


Waterdrip Capital was founded in 2017 by the most forward-thinking Chinese blockchain pioneers. It is an international investment institution focusing on blockchain industry. We are dedicated to connecting traditional financial market with the blockchain ecosystem by actively investing in innovative blockchain startups, being deeply involved with the boldest entrepreneurs and talented IT engineers to build future-oriented digital financial infrastructure and distributed economy worldwide together, constantly providing the strongest supports to blockchain startups and bringing good returns to our investors in a long term.




Cutting-edge art-tech brand focused on #NFT! Incubate BCA Gallery, @VulcanDAO. Join cryptoart with us: |

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BCA Network

BCA Network

Cutting-edge art-tech brand focused on #NFT! Incubate BCA Gallery, @VulcanDAO. Join cryptoart with us: |

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